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Why Is It Better to Write Less, but More Personalized and Well-Researched Gig Applications

The Importance of an Effective Approach

Not getting your emails answered, waiting for the phone call, or being turned down is frustrating. Has it ever happened to you, envisioning the brightest future after spending weeks on copy-pasting and sending gig applications? Maybe the problem lies in not having enough time or tools to really do your research. In this article, we share the mindset and methods behind writing less while being more effective. And, as it turns out, it really pays off, especially for self-managing artists!

Create Personalized Gig Applications

In our modern era of generic content, people long for originality, directness, and honesty. No one wants to listen to copycats, and that’s especially true for the creative industries. Coming up with original and personalized gig applications doesn’t have to be so time-consuming. Our app simplifies the task with editable gig application templates, auto-filling and personalizing crucial information, such as the place’s name and city, your project’s name, or a link to your website.

The editable gig application template is auto-filling and personalizing crucial information.

As a result, you can create multiple email templates with automatically customized tags. By using smart tools like these, you stand out as oriented, respectful, and professional — all of which affects how you’re perceived by people with a decisive call on whether to collaborate with you.

Your Time and Energy Matter

Behind every creation, there is energy. You know how much truth this holds for writing your songs and sharing musical pieces. But sending gig applications is no different! It matters with what kind of energy, approach, and intention you come out to people. With enough time on your hands, you can make a sincere and long-lasting impression. Our app for musicians saves you valuable time and provides a ready-made list of venues. Utilizing smart filters such as genre, capacity, stage size, and place type, you can choose between an agency, concert hall, music club, festival, hotel, theatre, or community room — among so many others — and easily discover new places that are the best fit for you.

Build Long-Lasting Relationships

Being your own manager, there is the entire aspect of PR you need to care for. After all, you are the one in charge of presenting yourself and earning your reputation. Direct, purposeful, and well-researched gig applications pave the way for meaningful connections and career opportunities. From this standpoint, it’s crucial to deliver your message to the right people. No matter how much work you put into the applications, it is useless if it lands in the hands of technicians instead of booking managers. Yet, our tags work here in your favor! Contacting venues through GigB ensures your message reaches intended recipients.

Do The Research and Direct Your Efforts

It’s not only about the style and content of your applications. To get gigs, you need to somehow target and win the most suitable venues. What if all the places you applied for don’t have the setup or welcome a completely different genre? Or, as a pianist, you didn’t check if the clubs you wrote to even have your instrument? GigB research filters allow you to stand out as your craft a personalized message, mentioning that precious piano brand they have on a stage big enough to accommodate your entire band in the club's most desired genre. Addressing the specific features of a given project or place, showcases your thoroughness and gives you a competitive edge.

Get More Suitable Gigs and Play for Your Audience

The truth may be, you don’t need more gigs — you need the right kind of audience. It may turn out that finding just one perfect spot with exactly your type of crowd will spread the word and add to your online and industry presence big time. After all, magic happens when all pieces align. As a first step, create a dream list of places and visualize people you wish to connect with and play for. Know that there are tons of gatherings that will value your talents and appreciate you. And maybe you don’t need tons — but just a few well-researched ones. Here, we can help you with our versatile GigB app!

How GigB Helps in Research, Gig Application, and Organizing Your Events

Our app makes club and festival research fast and effective with a global map view and filters. It allows you to contact venue owners from the level of the app but through your private email. With GigB, you can connect with other musicians, get and organize gigs, share event calendars, and finalize your bookings with contracts and invoices. From the initial research to running your back office. Join us for free and discover all these features!

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