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How to Manage Your Band with the Help of a Band-Management App

Let us answer that — easily! Digital band management is here to stay, and it's about time to embrace that. For band leaders and individual artists managing their own careers, an industry-specific app helps automate and streamline numerous tasks, making venue research, gig bookings, and office work fast and pleasant. The manual coordination of musicians, clients, schedules, and paperwork becomes a nostalgic relic of the past. Now, you can manage all your artistic projects and seize new career opportunities within a single app.

Manage All Your Projects in One App

A band-management app provides the structure needed to keep your creative juices flowing and organize yourself effortlessly. Storing all career-related contacts and information in one place comes in super handy and is a game-changer for productivity. With the entire management office in your back pocket, you can schedule a gig during coffee break, onboard band members automatically, and keep your headspace free for late-night improvising.

Set Up a Profile and Invite Musicians

An app for musicians saves you time and covers every aspect of band management, from researching venues and festivals, booking gigs, to providing quotes, briefing members, and invoicing your clients. It can definitely make you a better leader as you connect and sync all musicians through one dedicated and fully functional platform.

Contact Festivals and Venues in No Time

It’s not only easier to manage your bandmates but also to reach and win clients.

Places Map of the GigB Venue and Festival Database

With custom email templates linked to your external email account, you’ll become a professional at contacting owners and executing gigs — all from the app. You don’t have to spend time on research as there is an extensive and detailed list of places you can directly contact.

Build a Digital Network Around Your Band

Plugging yourself into a music-related CRM app gives you a competitive edge by nurturing a supportive network of your fellow mates and prospective clients. You can easily recall and track opportunities, share updates with a dear group of people, and extend invitations to exclusive events — making your marketing efforts focused and targeted.

Finalize Bookings, Provide Invoices and Quotes

As your industry presence and recognition become more apparent, the need to run a back office and dedicate extra time to paperwork increases.

Invoice section to manage all your billings

A band-management app provides you with professional templates for quotes, contracts, and invoices, simplifying legal aspects and billing.

Brief Your Band Members and Share Gig Calendar

You can easily onboard collaborating artists for upcoming events, sharing gig invites and details automatically or manually at the appropriate time. Whether your gig is finalized or still to be confirmed, your band members can access a shared gig calendar, have a quick overview, and prioritize their availability.

Look Professional and Consciously Direct Your Career

A band-management app makes you think about your music activity in terms of business. It aids in giving a positive impression and providing your clients with a professional experience. A CRM for artists can help develop connections, uncover opportunities, and perpetuate careers, as well as save valuable time for musicians already established in the industry.

Stay Organized and Unleash Creative Time — for Free

Above all, a dedicated app is a comprehensive tool designed by musicians for musicians, tailored to fit artists’ needs and wants. The multitude of functions, covering custom auto-replies, quote templates, gig info storage, communication hub, and sorting out your emails, helps you manage your career big time. From the single access point of one app, you can now research new venues, secure gigs, organize rehearsals, connect with musicians, sign contracts, and handle all the paperwork.

Try GigB — a Free Professional App for Musicians

Our GigB app is loaded with desired functions and smart features, shaping the future of management for self-cared artists and independent musicians. Register for free and grow alongside our global community of like-minded people. Stay a free spirit but organized and with no mess in your inbox.

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