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How to Connect your Gmail Account with GigB to send out mails directly from the app

Updated: May 5, 2023

Connecting your gmail account to GigB takes only one minute and 5 easy steps to follow: Step 1: Login to your Gmail Account that you want to connect with GigB and click on your user icon in the top right -> click on "Manage your Google Account"

Step 2: In the left Menu choose "Security" and scroll down to "App Paswords". Click on "App Passwords" to get to the next Steps.

Step 3: Click on "Select App" and select "Other". In the next field, give this specific password any name of your choice (for example "GigB"). Click "Generate" to get a password that will grant permission for our app to use the outgoing Gmail Servers. If you cannot find this option, simply click the link below: Note that you need to have 2-Step Verification set-up in Gmail for App Passwords to become enabled!

Step 4: Google will now show you the app password in a yellow box. Copy this password into your clipboard or write it down.

Step 5: Now go back to the GigB App. Login to your account if your are not yet logged in. Click on your avatar on the top right of the app and click on "Settings". There, in the "Account" section scroll down to "Connect to Email". Here you will now only need to provide the following information an click on "Save".

Check TLS Box

username: your full e-mail address that you are using in gmail (eg. peter.testman@gmail,com)

password: copy in the app password which you have just generated in Step 4


port: 587

That's it! Your Email is now connected to the app and you can start using our awesome template tools to quickly send out emails to your customers, venues and organizers!

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Google seems to be constantly changing their interface and hiding the "App Password" Menu. If you cannot find it, click this link directly:

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