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Why Use a CRM as a Band, Musician or Artist?

Updated: Jan 16

As former musicians, we understand the struggle is real. While the heart of music beats on stage, the challenges of finding venues, managing gigs, and handling paperwork demand time and resources that your band may not have.

That’s why we’ve created GigB — a free CRM (customer relationship management) for musicians and artists of all kinds to liberate creative spirit and support your music advancement!

Self-Managed Artists’ Solution to Free Creative Time

We know you've got all the potential but not enough time or tools. Covering every aspect of a music career can become a real puzzle, but our best CRM for musicians is loaded with smart functions to fully back you up. Through GigB, you can research gig locations, contact venues, create new projects, track your calendar, check follow-ups, and do the paperwork. Think of us as your backstage agency, providing an intuitive CRM toolkit to simplify the most demanding and time-consuming tasks of the industry.

Extensive Database of Festivals and Venues with Filters and Maps

GigB’s CRM for musicians and artists helps you discover music venues all over the globe. By utilizing our intelligent maps and filters, you can access festivals and scenes accommodating musicians in your genre and the capacity you’re aiming for. We’ve even made it fancy, with fine-tuning to chosen prestige rate and piano brand filters! To be honest, scheduling tour dates and booking gigs have never been easier.

Probably the most important backstage-task of your career: keeping all your prospects, partners and gig-options together!

All Band Members and Industry Contacts in One App

We've designed a steadfast, mobile-ready CRM for musicians to connect with everybody in one place. You can use our app as a central hub for communication between appointed venues and artists you want to play with. Coordinate rehearsals, assign set lists, and share gig details with your mates, ensuring everyone stays informed about upcoming events.

Smart Templates for Contracts, Invoices, and Quotes

GigB CRM's premium features lift off your shoulders the administrative uncertainty and the entire office hassle. We provide professional templates for emails, contracts, invoices, and quotes that you can easily personalize to match your tone of voice. It’s a slight investment compared to freeing up your mind and resources. With our CRM for musicians, suddenly, the paperwork becomes pleasant, and you can stay fully immersed in the creation process.

Ready to Join? Join GigB, the free CRM for Musicians

Join us to discover new scenes and evolve in the industry! Let our app back you up in the nasty office work, enabling a real focus on your creative job. Try us out and register for free to use our professional CRM for musicians. Welcome to the GigB community! We’re here, ready to help and listen whenever you need us.

Foto von Tim Toomey auf Unsplash

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